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The 4 Baby club magazines are published twice each year (Mar-Aug & Sept-Feb). The Toddler magazine is seasonal and published quarterly.

On request

On request

Tesco Baby & Toddler Club mails targeted magazines to more than 65,000 households every year. Each member receives a magazine with coupons and information - targeted to how old their baby is - so we can virtually guarantee zero wastage.

1. Tesco Loves Toddler mailed quarterly in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter to 30,000 families with children 1-3 years.

Opportunities include ad pages, advertorials product placements, coupons and inserts.

2. Tesco Loves Baby mailed monthly. The four extremely targeted readerships are split across 4 magazines
· Pregnancy
· 0-3 months
· 3-6 months
· 6-12 months

Opportunities include ad pages, advertorials product placements, coupons and inserts.


Standard Rates

Full Page Colour: €2,500 per magazine
Page Colour Advertorial: €4,800 per magazine
Coupons: €950 per magazine
Solus Coupon: €1,200 per magazine
Product Placements: €1,000 per magazine

Premium positions an additional 15%-25%.


Pregnancy: 8,000 per 6 months
0-3 months: 8,000 per 6 months
3-6 months: 10,000 per 6 months
6-12 months: 10,500 per 6 months
Toddler: 30,000 per quarter

Publishers statement

Posted to members homes (see above).

215mm x 160mm (type area)


  (Height x Width)
Page Bleed: 235mm x 180mm
Page Trim: 225mm x 170mm
Page Type Area: 215mm x 160mm

For full copy requirement details contact:
Rebecca Dyson - 0044 207 734 2303 or email rebecca.dyson@forwardww.com

On request

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