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Annette O'Meara - Editor

10 issues / year (Monthly except for Dec/Jan and Jul/Aug double up)

On request

On request


Standard Rates

Full Page €3000
DPS €5200
Half Page €1750
Quarter Page €1100
IFC / IBC / OBC €4400
Full Page €2200
Half Page €1100
Quarter Page €620
Large Landscape €360
Medium €220
Small €150

Multiple Insertions: Discounts available on request.



Publishers Statement

Details on request.

280mm x 210mm (type area)


Ad Size Bleed Trim Type
DPS 306mm x 466mm 300mm x 460mm 280mm x 420mm
1/2 DPS 153mm x 466mm 150mm x 460mm 130mm x 420mm
Page 306mm x 236mm 300mm x 230mm 280mm x 210mm
1/2 Page Horizontal 153mm x 236mm 150mm x 230mm 130mm x 210mm
1/2 Page Vertical 306mm x 118mm 300mm x 115mm 280mm x 105mm

* Files must be PDF version 1.3 (1.4 not currently available). 
* DPS files supplied as two pages labelled L / R.
* Must be supplied as composite CMYK. 
* File must contain 3mm bleed where necessary.
* File must have crop marks.
* All images must be hi-res CMYK. 
* Fonts must be embedded. 
* Files cannot contain TrueType/MultipleMaster fonts.
* Trapping requirements to be supplied by creator. 
* Combined colour ink density not to exceed 300%.
* All files are to be flight-checked prior to submission.

HEAD do not use an ISDN. All files must be clearly labelled
- Mag Name/Month/Your Company. Proof must be supplied. Files should be supplied on disc, using standard CD or Zip.

Nick Jabal,
Art Director,
Creative HEAD,
21 The Timberland,
Drysdale Street,
London N1 6ND,
ph: 0044 (0)207 3247548

On request.

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