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Frank Madden

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Standard Rates

Page Colour: €2800
1/2 Page Colour: €1600
1/4 Page Colour: €900
OBC: €3800
IFC: €3800
IBC: €3600
DPS: €4500
CPS: €4500



Publishers Statement

Circulated to all proprietors, directors and managers of all relevant manufacturers and distributors, all cash and carries, multiple supermarkets, group head offices and wholesalers,all group affiliated shops as well as over 6,300 unaffiliated independent retailers and leading off-licence outlets.

220mm x 285mm (Bleed Page)


Page Bleed Size: 220mm x 285mm
Page Trim Size: 210mm x 275mm
Page Type Area: 190mm x 255mm
Double Page Spread Bleed: 430mm x 560mm
Double Page SpreadTrim: 420mm x 550mm
Half Page Vertical: 105mm x 137mm
Half Page Horizontal: 210mm x 137mm

Copy Requirement

Printing: Sheet fed litho
Screen:  150 - 200
Supply: Right reading; Emulsion side down.
Inserts: loose or stitched by arrangement.
Art work: by arrangement.

On request.

Located in: Food/Grocery

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