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Standard Rates

Full Page €1000
Half Page €600
Quarter Page €320
Eighth Page €200
Back Page €1100



Publisher's Statement

By direct mail to 1,500 + members of Visual Artists Ireland. Complimentary issues to art writers, journalists, architects,designers, educators and academics. Also available across the Republic and Northern Ireland as a 'free-sheet' from over 30 major art centres, galleries, museums and studios.

365mm x 262mm


Full Page 365mm x 262mm
Half Page (Portrait): 365mm x 128.5mm
Half Page (Horizontal): 180mm x 262mm
Quarter Page: 180mm x 128.5mm

1. As image file: Tiff, Jpeg, Eps, Pdf (scaled to print size at 300 dpi).
NB: Please ensure artwork is optimised for newsprint reproduction. For example, to avoid registration problems avoid blacks made from full CMYK values (just K 100%). Likewise for small type (below 12 point) avoid CMYK tones - opt for black or grey-scales.

2. Also in-house design service available. Send text (Microsoft Word format) and images (Tiff/Jpeg) to the Visual Artist Ireland office. €60 charge applies.

On request

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