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On request

On request


Standard Rates (Full Colour):

Full Page €4300
Double Page Spread  €7750
1/2 Page €2300
1/3 Page €1900
OBC €5100
IBC €4500
Inside Front DPS €8500


ABC January - December 2017

Newsagents nationwide.

280mm (H) x 220mm (W) - type area


  (Height x Width)
Page Type Area:  280mm x 220mm
Page Bleed:  310mm x 250mm
Page Trim: 300mm x 240mm
DPS Type Area: 280mm x 460mm
DPS Bleed:  310mm x 490mm
DPS Trim:  300mm x 480mm
Half Page - Horizontal Type Area:  140mm x 220mm
Half Page - Horizontal Bleed:  155mm x 250mm
Half Page - Horizontal Trim:  145mm x 240mm
Half Page - Vertical Type Area:  280mm x 105mm
Half Page - Vertical Bleed:  310mm x 125mm
Half Page - Vertical Trim:  300mm x 115mm
One Third - Horizontal Type Area:   90mm x 220mm
One Third - Horizontal Bleed:  105mm x 250mm
One Third - Horizontal Trim:   95mm x 240mm
One Third - Vertical Type Area:  280mm x 70mm
One Third - Vertical Bleed:  310mm x 90mm
One Third - Vertical Trim:  300mm x 80mm

High res pdf, 300 dpi

All copy via email to

On request

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