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Standard Rates:

DPS €5000
Full Page €2800
1/2 Page €1700
1/4 Page €850
OB Cover €3600
IB Cover €3600
IF Cover €3600



ABC (January - December 2016)

Newsagents nationwide.

Type area: 259mm (H) x 186mm (W)


SIZES: (Height x Width)
Bleed 5mm - Offset 3mm  
(Ads with Bleed)   
DPS: 307mm x 450mm (Trim: 297mm x 440mm)
Full Page:  307mm x 230mm (Trim: 297mm x 220mm)
Half Page Vertical with bleed:  307mm x 120mm (Trim: 297mm x 110mm)
Half Page Horizontal with bleed:  158mm x 230mm (Trim: 148mm x 220mm)

All advert material must be supplied to the exact dimensions specified in the booking and in the correct format. Should they not be, the publisher reserves the right to alter the file or omit the advert altogether without referral. Any such alterations will be chargeable and the publisher accepts no responsibility for any errors, which may occur as a result. Likewise, any corrections requested by the advertiser after supplying the copy will be rechargeable and again the publisher accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of such alterations.

Irish Country Magazine accepts no responsibility for critical advertisement supplied without an approved colour proof equivalent to the FOGRA39 Profile.

Hi-res CMYK PDF X1-a compatible with Acrobat 4 (PDF 1.3)
Imagery should be 300dpi and Fogra39 profile applied. For colour critical adverts a contract proof (GMG ISOFogra39) should be supplied. A contract proof can be supplied on request.
Please ensure any final files sent in for production are one layer, have all fonts embedded and do not contain any non-printable layers.
We have the capacity to prepare adverts from scratch in-house. Please be aware that as this takes more time, copy should be sent in as early as possible. Should this service be required, the following should be noted:  Text should be in an unformatted text file
Any images should be in CMYK and have a resolution no less than 300dpi

Graphic file format
Scan resolution: 300dpi
All images should be saved in CMYK mode
All imagery should have Fogra39 profile applied.
Typeface recommendations
If the typeface cannot be output, an alternative will be used in-house.
For clarity purposes black type on white should be no less than 5.5pt

Details on request.

2017 Copy Deadlines

Month Publication Date Copy Deadline
September 2017 22 August 2017 9 August 2017
October 2017 19 September 2017 6 September 2017
November 2017 24 October 2017 11 October 2017
December 2017 21 November 2017 8 November 2017
January/February 2018 3 January 2018 13 December 2017

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