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Vivian Flynn / Paul Collins


On request



Standard Rates:

DPS Colour €2800
Page Colour €1800
1/2 Page Colour €950
1/4 Page Colour €600
OBC €2300
IFC €2200
IBC €2100

By Arrangement


ABC (January - December 2016)

Newspread, available newsagents nationwide.

270mm x 183mm (type area)


Trim: 297mm x 210mm
Bleed:  306mm x 216mm
Type Area:  270mm x 183mm

Print: Litho Web Press
Screen: 150

Acceptable formats: QuarkXpress, Illustrator, Freehand and Photoshop, supplied with all fonts used and images at 300dpi. PDFs to be supplied press ready at correct size with fonts embedded and include colour laser proof.

On request

On request

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