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Robert Heuston

5 times per academic year

On request



Standard Rates

DPS Colour €2150
Full Page Colour €1250
Half Page Colour €880
Quarter Page Colour €525
OBC Colour €1475
IBC / IFC Colour €1325



Publishers Statement

Free to all Universities in Ireland and all Institutes of Technology.

297mm x 210mm (trim size)


  (Height x Width)
DPS Bleed: 301mm x 424mm
DPS Trim: 297mm x 420mm
Full Page Bleed: 301mm x 214mm
Full Page Trim: 297mm x 210mm
Half Page: 190mm x 130mm
Quarter Page: 190mm x   65mm

Details on request.

Details on request.

On request

Located in: Student Press

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