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2018 RATES

Full Page €7100
Half Page €3950
Third Page €3250
Quarter Page €2350
Outside Back Cover €8950
Inside Front Cover €7750
Inside Back Cover €4550
Double Page Spread €13950
First Double Page Spread (Pages 2/3) €15500
Opening 3-page spread POA
Take over issue POA
Guaranteed Position: 20% extra
Christmas Issue (Double issue): Double the above rates


- Sponsorship of Lifestyle, Entertainment & TV Listings
- Cover and internal gatefolds
- Polybagging
- Tip-ons & Sampling
- Bespoke Creative

Stitched In: €65 per thousand / Loose: €55 per thousand


ABC January - December 2017

Distributed through newsagents nationwide.

297mm (H) x 228mm (W) - trim size


  Height X Width
Double Page Spred Type area 275mm x 436mm
Double Page Spread Trim size 297mm x 456mm
Double Page Spread Bleed 309mm x 468mm
Full Page Type area 275mm x 208mm
Full Page Trim size 297mm x 228mm
Full Page Bleed 309mm x 240mm
1/2 Page Horizontal Type area 137mm x 208mm
1/2 Page Horizontal Trim size 147mm x 228mm
1/2 Page Horizontal Bleed 153mm x 240mm
1/2 Page Vertical Type area 275mm x 101mm
1/2 Page Vertical Trim size 297mm x 111mm
1/2 Page Vertical Bleed 303mm x 117mm
1/4 Page Vertical Type area 275mm x 46mm
1/4 Page Vertical Trim size 297mm x 58mm
1/4 Page Vertical Bleed 303mm x 64mm
1/4 Page Horizontal Type area 68mm x 208mm
1/4 Page Horizontal Trim size 73mm x 228mm
1/4 Page Horizontal Bleed 83mm x 240mm

All files must be supplied in print ready PDF format. PDF files must be distilled for print reproduction using the CMYK offset process. This colour profile should be used: Coated FOGRA39 (ISO 12647-2:2004).  An Acrobat Distiller settings file is available from RTE to ensure that PDFs are generated correctly.

NB.  All ads must be accompanied by a contact proof using an approved medium such as CMYK Chromalin, Iris, Kodak Approval. RTE is not responsible for quality if an acceptable quality proof does not accompany the digital files.

Files maybe sent via email to production@rte.ie

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