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Standard Rates

Full Page €11,500
Outside Back €14,100


87,673 (Irish Independent)

ABC January - June 2018

Free every Friday with the Irish Independent.

345mm x 276mm (bleed)


Full Page: Bleed 345mm x 276mm
Full Page: Trim 337mm x 269mm
Full Page: Type Area 310mm x 244mm
Half Page (horiz.): Bleed 175mm x 276mm
Half Page (horiz.): Trim 171mm x 269mm
Half Page (horiz.): Type Area 153mm x 244mm
Half Page (vert.): Bleed 345mm x 137mm
Half Page (vert.): Trim 337mm x 133mm
Half Page (vert.): Type Area 310mm x 121mm
Quarter Page: 153mm x 121mm
Double Page Spread: Bleed 345mm x 552mm
Double Page Spread: Trim 337mm x 538mm
Double Page Spread: Type 310mm x 512mm
Half Page Double Spread: Bleed 175mm x 552mm
Half Page Double Spread: Trim 171mm x 538mm
Half Page Double Spread: Type 153mm x 512mm
Compact: 8 x 2   83mm x  80mm
TV Strip: Type Area   40mm x 121mm
Single Column Width: 60mm

Only digital files are accepted.

Quickcut Files: Contact: Declan Maguire at (01) 7055841
or Eleanor Horan at (01) 7055882.

Copy can be supplied via the Quickcut service, by selecting the publisher Independent Newspapers and then choosing the Magazine destination. 



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