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Yvonne Smalley


On request

On request


Standard Rates

Double Page Spread €7000
Full Page €4000
Half Page €2000
Quarter Page €1000
Eighth of a Page €500
OBC €5000
IBC €4500
IFC €4500



Publishers statement

Sold in 600 retail outlets, bookshops and galleries throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland and distributed to subscribers in 29 countries around the world.

205mm x 265mm (type area)


Page Type Area: 205mm x 265mm
Page Non-Bleed: 230mm x 300mm  (include an extra 4mm all round for bleed)
Half Page (Landscape): 205mm x 130mm
Half Page (Portrait): 100mm x 265mm
Quarter Page (Portrait): 100mm x 130mm
Eighth of a Page: 100mm x 62mm

Media: Mac compatible CD or Download details.

Programs: QuarkXpress, Photoshop, Illustrator (including all relevant fonts & hi-res graphics).

PDFs must be version 1.3 and must have CMYK images and all fonts embedded with at least 300 dpi resolution and all ICC Profiles removed.  Crop marks must be offset by at least 15 points.

Image File Types:
EPS preferred although JPEG or TIFF also accepted. Supplied images must be scanned at 350dpi or of sufficient resolution to be a minimum of 300dpi at final printed size.  To obtain accurate colour matching, images must be supplied as CMYK with accompanying industry standard colour proof such as digital cromalin.

Details on request.

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