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Dani Sinnott - Senior Account Manager





Double Page Spread  €5775
Full Page €2995
Half Page €1995
Quarter Page €1095
Special Positions:  
Front Cover €6000
Outside Back Cover €4400
Inside Front Cover €3995
Inside Back Cover €3500
Double Page Spread €6500


Publishers statement

Circulation Breakdown:
- Manufacturers/Distributors
- Symbol Groups
- Multiples
- All RGDATA Members
- Independent Retailers
- Cash & Carry
- Fruit & Vegetable Outlets
- Off Licences
- Advertising Agencies
- Forecourts
- Miscellaneous
- Subscribers

305mm (h) x 218mm (w) - bleed


  Height x Width
Full Page Trim:  297mm x 210mm
Full Page Bleed:  305mm x 218mm
Double Page Spread Trim:  297mm x 420mm
Double Page Bleed:  305mm x 428mm
Half Page (Horizontal - Trim):  144mm x 210mm
Half Page (Horizontal - Bleed):  152mm x 218mm
Half Page (Vertical - Trim):  297mm x 105mm
Half Page (Vertical - Bleed):  305mm x 113mm
Quarter Page Trim:  144mm x 105mm
Quarter Page Bleed:  152mm x 113mm

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