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Social Network.
Facebook is a free social network that allows users to create profiles, upload photos and videos, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues.

Contact is conducted in a number of ways depending on the level of investment you make in Facebook advertising.  Initially, it will be online and if spending reaches certain levels, then more direct, phone and face to face contact will be initiated by Facebook.

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To advertise on Facebook you will need to set up a Facebook business page to start (it is also recommended that you set up a personal profile which can remain behind the scenes). Go to facebook.com/about/pages for more information.

You may choose to manage this yourself or have an agency manage it for you.

Advertising on Facebook can be managed through the Facebook dashboard. Locate the 'create an advert' icon and you will be taken through the following steps.


Country: Choose the country to target
Age: From 13-100 and age groups within
Gender: Male / Female
Precise Interests: You select the interests you wish to target
Broad Interest Categories: Select from a list of interests and subcategories of these
Custom Audiences: Build highly specific audiences with Power Editor
Include: Users connected to your page, app or event.
Exclude:  Users connected to your page, app or event.
Include: Friends of those connected to your page, app or event
Interested In: Men, Women or All
Relationship Status: Single, In a Relationship, Engaged, Married, Not Specified or All
Languages: Select languages(s) other than the one you are using. 
Education:  Secondary School, University, University Graduate or All 
Workplace: Enter a specific company name.

The reach or distribution of ads on Facebook is determined by a number of factors including target, competition, ad performance history and your bid.You can choose the bid strategy to buy either "impressions" or "clicks"

Facebook will give a "Suggested Bid Range" to start. This is based on the number of other advertisers competing to reach your chosen target. The bidding is automatically optimized for your chosen bid strategy.

You set the overall budget, daily maximum spend and time period.

There are 10 main Ad Types listed above and 3 Ad Placement types.
The following adspecs ensure that ads are rendered best fit in all 3 ad placements.
For a comprehensive list of each individual ad type's specification in each placement see here

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