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8 Monthly issues & 2 Bi-Monthly (Jan/Feb & July/Aug)

On request


Standard Rates (Full Colour):

Full Page €4356
Double Page Spread €7865
Half Page €2783
One Third Page €1876
Quarter Page €1428
Eighth Page €781
DPS IFC €9680
OBC €5929
IBC €5445
Images Personals (per insert) from €140

:- All cancellations must be received in writing 6 weeks prior to copy deadline. 

Series discount:- Not available if series is cancelled in part. 

Credit terms:- 30 days from date of publication, subject to agreement. 

Discount available with six or more insertions
Guaranteed positions - 15%
* Prices are exclusive of VAT
* Rates for inserts and promotions on request.

Yes - rates on application.


ABC (January - December 2016)

Distributed through newsagents nationwide.

285mm x 420mm


  (Depth x Width)
Double Page Spread:  285mm x 420mm
Bleed:  add 5mm all sides
(supplied as single pages with 5mm bleed all round)
Full Page:  285mm x 210mm
Bleed:  add 5mm all sides 
Half Page - Horizontal:   125mm x 183mm 
Half Page - Vertical:  255mm x 89mm 
One Third - Vertical: 255mm x 58mm 
Quarter Page Display:  125mm x 89mm 
Eighth Page - Vertical:  125mm x 42mm 
Eighth Page - Horizontal: 60mm x 89mm 

Pages are trimmed 5mm from top, bottom and sides.
Text/logos to be kept 8-10mm inside each edge
When booking a double page spread allow 10mm for gutter.
Printing: Litho Web Fed
Screen: 175lpi
Inserts: loose or bound-in by arrangement
Bound-in Inserts MUST have 5mm bleed from top

Disks to be supplied on on CD formatted for Apple Mac not PC.
Supply as QuarkXpress document - not Passport.
Attach pictures as eps or tiff files; resolution 300dpi Fonts most be supplied on the disc.

Specifications: Final PDF should include bleed, DPS pages to be supplied as single pages PDF with 5mm bleed all round.  Crop marks should be outside the bleed area - 15pt offset or 5mm.
PDF should be saved as JPG compression maximum quality.
All files should be generated using PDF optimised for print settings.
All elements within the document should be saved as CMYK.

Supplied Proof: Image Publications can only accept a calibrated proof to Fogra 39L (ISO 12647-2:2004) This proofing standard is available on most proofing systems including GMG, Digital Cromalin and Agfa Sherpa

For further information please contact Peter Sheean at Typeform. Tel: +353 1 8553855 or Email:

COPY CONTACT: Derek Skehan C/O Typeform, Portside Business Centre,
East Wall Road, Dublin 3
Ph: 00353 1 8553855

On request

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