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Anders Johansson

10 issues per year

On request

On request


Standard Rates

Full Page: €2700
Half Page: €1700
Quarter Page: €850
OBC €5000
IBC €3500
IFC €3800
DPS €4150
DPS / IFC €5000



Publishers Statement

On sale and by subscription.

210mm (W) x 297mm (H) - trim size

Trim Size - 210mm (W) x 297mm (H)
Full Page Bleed - allow 5mm all round

All artwork supplied in Quark format or Illustrator EPS (with fonts outlined and hi-res 300 dpi images included).

Images in Photoshop tiff, eps (these must not use jpeg compression), jpeg format.

All images must be 300 dpi and CMYK.

On request

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