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10 issues per year

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Standard Rates

Full Page €750
Outside Back Cover €1000
Half Page €500
Quarter Page €250
Loose Inserts €750
Small Ads (in Gazette only) €50



Publishers statement

2,600 Ireland Religious,
310 England
185 Airmail
200 Ireland Others
3295 Total

Intercom is read primarily by priests, nuns and brothers, and a single subscription will be read by multiple people within parishes and communities both in Ireland and worldwide. Its life-cycle is one month and religious refer to it weekly throughout the month as a useful resource for their daily activities and weekly liturgies.

297mm x 210mm


Full Page: 297mm x 210mm
Print Area: 269mm x 184mm
Half Page (Vertical): 269mm x   88mm
Half Page (Horizontal): 133mm x 184mm
Quarter Page: 133mm x   88mm
S.C.Measures 58mm (single column in Gazette only)

Preferred Format: Mac or PC, either tiff, jpeg, eps or pdf (please ensure all fonts are embedded)

All copy must be accompanied by a proof copy (cromalin in the case of full colour adverts).

Copy should be received six weeks prior to the first of the month for the issue in which the advertisement is included.

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