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January 2017

Standard Rates

  Colour Mono
First D.P.S. €19,895.00 -
ROM D.P.S. 17,980.00 -
Outside Back Cover 12,625.00 -
First RHP 11,130.00 -
Opposite Contents 11,130.00 -
Full Page ROM 10,060.00 8,790.00
1/2 Page 6,450.00 5,680.00
1/4 Page 4,025.00 3,350.00
1/8 Page 2,570.00 2,205.00
Travel Classified Display per SCC €55.00 €40.75
Promotional Strips €700.00  
TV Spot 998.00 -
DPS Triangle €10,000.00  
Full Page Triangle €6,450.00  


61,049 (Irish Times)

ABC July-December 2017

Free with Saturday's Irish Times

350mm x 280mm (Bleed)


  Depth x Width
Full Page Size Bleed: 350mm x 280mm
Full Page Size Trim: 340mm x 275mm
Full Page Size Type 310mm x 250mm
Safe Area: 330mm  x 260mm
Double Page Spread Bleed: 350mm x 560mm
Double Page Spread Trim: 340mm x 550mm
Double Page Spread Type: 310mm x 520mm
Safe Area: 330mm x 540mm
Half Page Vertical Bleed: 350mm x 140mm
Half Page Vertical Trim: 340mm x 135mm
Half Page Vertical Type: 310mm x 120mm
Safe Area: 330mm x 120mm
Half Page Horizontal Bleed: 170mm x 280mm
Half Page Horizontal Trim: 165mm x 275mm
Half Page Horizontal Type: 150mm x 250mm
Safe Area: 160mm x 260mm
Quarter Page Vertical Bleed: 350mm x 80mm
Quarter Page Vertical Trim: 340mm x 75mm
Quarter Page Vertical Type: 310mm x 60mm
Safe Area: 330mm x 60mm
Quarter Page Horizontal Bleed: 90mm x 280mm
Quarter Page Horizontal Trim: 85mm x 275mm
Quarter Page Horizontal Type: 70mm x 250mm
Safe Area: 80mm x 260mm
Quarter Page Portrait Bleed: 170mm x 140mm
Quarter Page Portrait Trim: 165mm x 135mm
Quarter Page Portrait Type: 150mm x 120mm
Safe Area: 160mm x 120mm
Eighth Page Horizontal Bleed: 60mm x 280mm
Eighth Page Horizontal Trim: 55mm x 275mm
Eighth Page Horizontal Type: 40mm x 250mm
Safe Area: 50mm x 260mm

Through Quick Cut.  (If an advertiser doesn't have Quick Cut, colour ads must come through a clearing house). Mono ads accepted by email (PDF/ADS).

On request.

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