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DPS Colour: €4995
Page Colour: €2895
Half Page Colour: €1595
Quarter Page Colour: €995
Centre Spread: €5295
Front Cover: €4895
Outside Back Cover: €3395
Inside Back Cover: €2995
Inside Front Cover: €3195
Page Advertorial (2 colour images) €2895
Half Page Advertorial €1595
Insertions (loose and stapled) Rates on application
Wraps and Specials: Rates on application
Feature Shots: €525
What's New / Trade News Promotions: €525
Advertorial / Production Promotions: €525

All rates are subject to VAT.

Rates on Application (loose and stapled)


ABC January - December 2017

Circulated to the entire FMCG market which includes the Multiples i.e. Dunnes, Tesco, Independent & Symbol Group and Discount Retailers i.e. SuperValu, Centra, Spar, Mace, Costcutters, Londis, Vivo, Daybreak etc. Cash & Carrys, Distributors and Wholesalers, Forecourt Retailers and Off Licences, Relevant Financial, Government and EU departments and Media serving the trade. RGDATA, CSNA and NOFFLA members too.

297mm x 210mm (trim size)


Page Trim Size: 297mm x 210mm
Size Type Area Bleed Size
Full Page 267mm x 180mm 307mm x 220mm with crop marks
Half Page Across 131mm x 180mm 150mm x 215mm
Half Page Upright 267mm x   88mm 307mm x 107mm
Quarter Page Across   64mm x 180mm   84mm x 215mm
Quarter Page Upright 131mm x   88mm 150mm x 107mm

High res PDF.

Copy may be submitted in the following formats: Email as high res PDF. If any questions please contact Production Dept on 01 6785165 / email or

1st of the month of publication.

Located in: Food/Grocery

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