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American A4


Standard Rates

Full Page €3945
Half Page €2265
One Third Page €1675
Strip Ad €908
O.B.C. €4945
Inside Front Cover €4715
Inside Back Cover €4715
D.P.S. €7445

Please note that advertising rates are subject to VAT, where applicable.



ABC (January - December 2009)

Sold through all good retail outlets nationwide.
Sold on a subscription basis.
Also distributed on Citijet flights, in Dublin Airport Anna Livia lounge, and in corporate hotels nationwide.

275mm x 210mm (allow 4mm bleed all round)


  Height x Width
D.P.S. 275mm x 420mm (incl 4mm bleed)
Full Page 275mm x 210mm (incl 4mm bleed)
  255mm x 190mm (type area)
Half Page D.P.S.  
(2 x half page horizontal) 120mm x 420mm (incl 4mm bleed)
Half Page (Horizontal) 120mm x 180mm
Half Page (Vertical) 240mm x 85mm
Third Page (Horizontal) 78mm x 180mm
Third Page (Vertical) 240mm x 56mm
Strip advert 38mmx 180mm
D.P.S. Strip advert 58mm x 420mmm (incl 4mm bleed)
Page Trim 275mm x 210mm
Page  Bleed Allow 4mm all round

Screen: Colour - 150 / B&W - 133

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