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Annual - January




Full Page  €3750
Half Page Horizontal €2000
Double Page Spread €7000
Two Thirds Page Vertical €2750
One Third Page Vertical €1500
One Sixth Page Vertical €750
Special Position Rates:  
Inside Front Cover €5500
Inside Back Cover €4250

Above prices exclude VAT.

120,000 (World Wide)

Publishers statement

Widely distributed in various locations throughout Ireland and abroad including:-
· All Hotels and Guesthouses featured in the Guide
· All Tourist Information Offices throughout the Island of Ireland
· The Guinness Storehouse
· Airports
· Major Tourist Attractions
· Major car-rental companies in Ireland
· Major book shops
· International market via Tourism Ireland in more than 22 countries worldwide.

Full Page 269.5mm (h) x 210.0mm (w) - plus 3mm bleed if required, all round


  Height x Width
Full Page:  269.5mm x 210.0mm
(plus 3mm bleed if required, all round)
Half Page Horizontal:   90mm x 128mm (no bleed)
Two Thirds Page Vertical 269.5mm x 119.5mm
One Third Page Vertical:  269.5mm x 56mm
One Sixth Page Vertical: 134mm x 56mm

All advertisements should be supplied as print-ready PDF, conforming to PDFx-1a colour.
Space is CMYK.
All images min 300dpi.
All fonts embedded.

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