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On request



Standard Rates:

Page Colour €1500
1/2 Page Colour:  €800
1/4 Page Colour:  €500



ABC (January - December 2012)

Distributed monthly with the Meath Chronicle.

266mm x 342mm (bleed)


Full Page Bleed:  266mm x 342mm
Full Page Trim: 246mm x 322mm
1/2 Page Bleed (Horz):  266mm x 168mm
1/2 Page Trim (Horz): 246mm x 156mm
1/2 Page Bleed (Vert): 132mm x 342mm
1/2 Page Trim (Vert): 120mm x 322mm
1/4 Page: 122mm x 156mm

For bleed ads, please allow 10mm of safety space on all sides for trimming.

Adverts to be supplied in hi-res PDF digital format. Other acceptable formats include JPEG, TIF and EPS. All ads will be printed in CMYK colour format.

On request

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