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Michael Bell


On request



Standard Rates

Double Page Spread £2000
Full Page £1150
Half Page £650
Quarter Page £375
O.B.C. £1600
I.B.C. £1300
I.F.C. £1450



ABC January - December 2007

FATE magazine is distributed through:
* Clubs
* Bars
* Restaurants
* Hotels
* Gyms
* Coffee Houses
* Fashion & Beauty Stores
* Hairdressers
* Airports, Rail & Bus Centres
* Concert Venues
* Tourist Centres

154mm x 216mm (Bleed)


SIZES Width x Height
Double Page Spread - Bleed:  302mm x 216mm
Double Page Spread - Trim: 296mm x 210mm
Full Page - Bleed: 154mm x 216mm
Full Page - Trim: 148mm x 210mm
Half Page Landscape: 132mm x   95mm
Half Page Portrait:   64mm x 194mm
Quarter Page:   64mm x   95mm

Quark Xpress, InDesign, Illustrator, Freehand and Photoshop supplied with accompanying files, i.e. screen and printer fonts and images at 300dpi.

PDFs to be supplied press ready at the correct size with fonts embedded, images at 300dpi, registration and bleed.

Details on request.

10th of the month prior to publication

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