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Dominic Snowdon


On request



Standard Rates

Full Page Colour: €1250
Double Page Spread Colour: €1750
Half Page Colour €850
1 Page Sponsored Feature €850
2 Page Sponsored Feature €1650



Publishers Statement

Sláinte is on retail sale in newsagents and supermarkets nationwide (RRP €2.95), plus distributed free through GP surgery and clinic waiting rooms in Ireland.

270mm x 190mm

Standard Rates

Page Type Area: 270mm x 190mm
Page Trim Size: 297mm x 210mm
Page Bleed Size: 303mm x 213mm
DPS Type Area: 270mm x 400mm
DPS Trim Area: 297mm x 420mm
DPS Bleed: 303mm x 426mm
1/2 Page (Horizontal): 133mm x 190mm
1/2 Page (Vertical): 270mm x   93mm

Details on request.

On request

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