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Standard Rates

Full Page Colour  €16,573.00
Outside Back Cover  €19,127.00


178,323 (Sunday Independent)

ABC July-December 2017

Free with the Sunday Independent.

246mm x 286mm (type area)


Full Page: Bleed 276mm x 316mm
Full Page: Trim 270mm x 310mm
Full Page: Type Area 246mm x 286mm
Half Page (horiz.): Bleed 276mm x 143mm
Half Page (horiz.): Trim 270mm x 140mm
Half Page (horiz.): Type Area 245mm x 140mm
Half Page (vert.): Bleed 120mm x 316mm
Half Page (vert.): Trim 120mm x 310mm
Half Page (vert.): Type Area 120mm x 275mm
Quarter Page: Bleed 120mm x 140mm
Double Page Spread: Bleed 552mm x 316mm
Double Page Spread: Trim 540mm x 310mm
Double Page Spread: Type 516mm x 286mm
Single Column Width 60mm

Note: Trim Sizes must not be used.  Bleed or Type sizes only for all Magazines

Electronic Copy: Quickcut only. Full technical specifications are available at

Quickcut Files: Contact Declan Maguire at (01) 7055841 or Eleanor Horan at (01) 7055882.

On request

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