i-Believe Ltd
Clarendon House
39 Clarendon Street
Dublin 2

Ad Network - Portfolio Network (with sister performance network
Insightful Media; and local network This Is Local)

i-Believe is a digital media sales agency.  They sell digital advertising on behalf of a select number of premium publishers.  They also operate the Insightful Media performance network and ThisIsLocal advertising network.

Sales Manager - Marie Lawlor

+353 (0)1 7030405

General - info@i-believe.ie
Marie Lawlor - marie@i-believe.ie

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Ad Services

Video / VOD
Email / Newsletter
Mobile / Tablet / App
Native Advertising (Including Taboola)
Performance Network (see Insightful Media) 
Social Media
Other - 'Viral'

Buying Routes

Cost Per Thousand / CPM
Cost Per Acquisition / CPA
Cost Per Sale / CPS
Cost Per Lead / CPL

NOTE: CPM is the standard currency for Direct Site / Portfolio Network buys. All others are usually negotiable with Performance Networks.

Targeting Verticals / Channels

i-Believe Female 700k 
i-Believe Business 341k
i-Believe Business Tech 315k
i-Believe Consumer Tech 167k
i-Believe Entertainment (Music, Radio, Film & Gaming) 1.14m
i-Believe Female 700k
i-Believe Mobile 635,000 Downloads
i-Believe Parenting and Homemaker 523k
i-Believe Seniors 221k
i-Believe Sports (Rugby, GAA, Soccer, Golf and Cricket) 1.477m
ThisisLocal.ie 1.66m
Combined reach of channels 2.9m
Insightful Media - Performance Network  



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