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Catherine Patton


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Double Page Spread £2775
Full Page £1505
Half Page £867
Quarter Page £530
Outside Back Cover £1975
Inside Back Cover £1645
Inside Front Cover £1745
Front Cover £2925

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ABC January - December 2017

Distributed to newsagents and supermarkets in Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland.

187mm x 270mm (type area)


SIZES Width x Height
DPS: 430mm x 300mm (Bleed +5mm all sides)
Full Page - Trim:  215mm x 300mm (Bleed +5mm all sides)
Full Page - Type area:  187mm x 270mm
Half Page Vertical   90mm x 270mm
Half Page Horizontal 187mm x 132mm
Quarter Page Vertical   90mm x 132mm
Quarter Page Horizontal 187mm x   62mm

Ulster Tatler is produced using Apple Mac computers and printed using the CMYK four colour processes.

Quark Xpress - all files must be accompanied by all pictures and fonts.

All Photoshop, TIFF, EPS or JPEG files must be minimum 300dpi and must be converted to CMYK or Grayscale.

Illustrator / Freehand EPS files should have fonts converted to paths or outlines. Please ensure files are CMYK.

All electronic copy must be sent via ISDN, CD, Zip Disk. (All CD or Zip Disks must be Mac formatted).

On request

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