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Sonia Armstrong


On request




  Colour Mono
Double Page Spread:  £2460  
Full Page £1520 £1020
Half Page £970 £630
Quarter Page £600 £525
Outside Back Cover £1730  
Inside Back Cover £1620  
Inside Front Cover £1680  



Publishers statement

On sale

227mm x 312mm (Bleed)


SIZES Height x Width
DPS - Copy area:  270mm x 380mm
DPS - Bleed:  305mm x 430mm
DPS - Trim:  297mm x 420mm
Full Page - Bleed:  227mm x 312mm
Full Page - Trim:  215mm x 300mm
Half Page Horizontal 136mm x 186mm
Half Page Upright   90mm x 279mm
Quarter Page:    90mm x 136mm

Printing Processes: Litho positives requested. / Screen - 54 metric  / Right reading emulsion side down
Colour Sequence: Cyan - Yellow - Magenta - Black
Copy Required: Colour separated positives and progressives.
Charges will be made for artwork supplied including layout and reproduction
ISDN/Email Requirements: Image: JPEG, TIFF, GIF and EPS at resolution of 300 ppi.
Software: QuarkXpress4, Freehand B, Adobe Photoshop 5 and Illustrator B

Details on request.

On request.

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