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On request

On request



Double Page Spread £2289
Full Page £1399
Half Page £879
Quarter Page £589
Outside Back Cover £1649
Inside Back Cover £1649
Inside Front Cover £1649



ABC January - June 2013

Primary Times is distributed to Primary Schools and many public family venues in Northern Ireland.

273mm x 184mm (type area)


SIZES Depth x Width
Full Page - type area:  273mm x 184mm
Full Page - trim:  297mm x 210mm
Full Page - bleed:  307mm x 220mm
Half Page Horizontal 135mm x 184mm
Half Page Vertical 273mm x   90mm
Quarter Page Horizontal   66mm x 184mm
Quarter Page Vertical: 135mm x   90mm

PDF files ('Press Quality' with fonts embedded)
Phototshop/JPEG/TIFF images (CMYK and saved at 300 ppi resolution) Quark Xpress 9 or earlier.

Artwork/copy can be emailed to, 
Posted on CD/DVD/USB Memory Stick to Primary Times, 2 Slievedarragh Park, Belfast, BT14 8JA. Any queries please contact Henry Ardis, Tel: 048 9072 1352.

On request

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