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On request

On request




Full Page £1490
Half Page £800
Quarter Page £550
Eighth Page £275
Inside Front Cover £1600
Outside Back Cover £1690



Publishers statement

7,000 copies published per month, delivered free to industry decision makers.

330mm x 261mm


SIZES Depth x Width
Full Page 330mm x 261mm
Half Page Portrait: 330mm x 128mm
Half Page Horizontal 164mm x 261mm
Quarter Page Portrait: 164mm x 128mm
Eighth Page:   80mm x 128mm

Ads can be accepted in the following file formats - Native files: QuarkXPress, Adobe Illustrator, MacroMedia Freehand, Adobe PhotoShop.

All placed artwork (JPEG, PDF, EPS, TIFF, etc) must be supplied separately, and should be at a resolution of at least 200dpi.

All common raster image formats should be supplied in print ready colour format (CYMK) with fonts embedded.

Resolution: at least 200dpi
Linescreen: 100dpi

Ads accepted on CD, Zip, Portable USB or via Email:

On request

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