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Adnetwork - Portfolio Network (and Performance Network)
"  was established in 2009 to help companies engage with their customers on mobile, tablet and web. We specialise in digital advertising and publishing, helping customers both profit from the opportunities and triumph over the challenges offered by the rapidly changing world of digital media. for Publishers - understands how to monetise your mobile content to drive new revenues. for Advertisers - helps you to engage your target audience across mobile, tablet and web. Creative - ensures that your marketing message is optimised for all devices."

Sales Director - Kevin Foley

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Portfolio Network

AdColony and Opera Mediaworks - mobile adnetworks - app - desktop, mobile and app - desktop, mobile and app - mobile site - apps - mobile site - desktop - desktop - desktop and mobile - desktop, mobile and app - mobile site - desktop and apps - adnetwork
MOOD: - Near Field Technology for retail - desktop - mobile site and apps - app app
Perform - Progressive Sports Network (ie Sports Adnetwork) - app
RTE Radio - RTE RadioPlayer, Radio 1 and 2FM apps
SkySports: ScoreCentre - apps - mobile site and apps

 Ad Services

Video / VOD
Email / Newsletter
Mobile / Tablet / App
Performance Network
Native Advertising
Social Media
Other -   

Buying Routes

Cost Per Thousand / CPM
Cost Per Acquisition / CPA
Cost Per Sale / CPS
Cost Per Lead / CPL

NOTE: CPM is the standard currency for Direct Site / Portfolio Network buys. All others are are usually negotiable with Performance Networks.

 Targeting Verticals / Site Channels

News Channel
Female Channel
Male Channel
Entertainment Channel
Contact Adforce with your specific target requiremnents


Due to the large variation of specifications required, Adforce will supply ad specifications at booking.

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