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Bing Ads is the advertising platform element of the Yahoo! | Bing Network.

When a user searches for your keywords on Bing or Yahoo! and their partner sites, your ads can appear next to, above, or below the search results as a sponsored link or "Ads". 

The ads and their placement are based on Yahoo! | Bing's proprietary determination of the advert relevance to the search query.

Contact is conducted in a number of ways depending on the level of investment you make through the Yahoo!|Bing Network. Initially, it will be online and if spending reaches certain levels, then more direct, phone and face-to-face contact will be initiated by Yahoo! | Bing Network.

Rob Pryce, Country Manager - 087 988 7549
Helen Beecher, Account Executive - 087 948 5964
Christian Jago-Byrne, Account Executive - 086 382 6937

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To advertise on Bing Ads you will need to set up an account to start.

You can choose to manage this yourself or have an agency manage it for you. Advertising on Bing Ads is then managed through the Bing Ads dashboard.

· Cost Per Thousand
· Cost Per Click

Yahoo! | Bing Network

Search keyword
· Contextual
· Managed placements 
· Demographic - Age and Gender
· Day of week
· Time of day
· Device - desktop, mobile or tablet
· Operating system

You can choose the bid strategy to buy either 'impressions' or 'clicks'.

Bing Ads will give a 'Suggested Bid Range' to start. This is based on the number of other advertisers competing to reach your chosen target. The bidding is automatically optimized for your chosen bid strategy.

You set the overall budget, daily maximum spend and time period.

Bing Ads - Ad Specifications

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